A Dog Named Target

My office is on a busy street with no stop sign, so speeding cars are the norm. Out of the corner of my eye, and through a side window, I spied a small, white, fluffy dog running up the street with no owner in sight.

Being an animal lover, and knowing that quite a few of my residents own dogs matching this description, I abandoned my work and dashed out the front door.

I should note here that spring has arrived, bringing with it strong winds and pollen from far-away lands.

With hair blowing into my watery eyes, I threw caution to the wind and ran blindly down the sidewalk, (in not-so-sensible shoes) toward the curb, ready to cross the street with complete disregard for my personal safety…

Are you still with me? On the edge of your seat?

Let me just say – that plastic bag owes me its life.

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