Title TBD

I used to spend time wondering why I am as accident-prone as I am.  I mean, I’m not sad about it, but I AM curious.  I finally came to the conclusion that my accidents are designed to make other people feel better about themselves.  Why else would I feel the need to share?

Other than writing about the accidents themselves, I wish I was able to take mental pictures of people’s faces when these things happen, and then share the pictures with the stories.

Quite often, I find myself staring into a face wearing an expression you just don’t see everyday (well, maybe YOU don’t, but I sort of do).  The look is one of concern mixed with surprise (practice it with me now…open your eyes wide, but furrow your brow) and wonder, typically followed by an attempt to stifle a smile/laugh (now open your mouth, but pull it back in a Joker-esque smile).  Got it?  Now go look at yourself in the mirror.  If you are a friend of mine or family member, chances are I’ve seen the face you are now making.

I have so many of those faces in my mind, that I can’t help but to recall the moments leading up to them.  I think I’m going to start a blog-series about these faces and the accompanying accidents.  I need help with what to call it.   Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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