Caught On Camera

Rolled down my window at the bank, and a GINORMOUS spider dropped down.  Tried to roll up the window, but during my panic I hit the gas and rolled up and over the curb-thingie.

Closed the window and put the brake on, but realized the spider was IN the truck.  Scrambled over and out the passenger side door and just stood there like a freaking moron.

It was bad, and it just got worse.  I honestly think the people in the cars behind me thought it was bomb-related or something, because some people backed up and left!

I didn’t have the presence of mind to grab my cell phone, so I couldn’t even call for help.  I had to force myself to crawl BACK through the car and drive (quickly!) back to work, where I got out and did the “creeped-out spider dance” in the parking lot.

Never made the deposit.

Really not sure how I’m getting home today.

May just have to sell the truck.

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