I ❤️ NY

So I woke up this morning on top of the covers…fully dressed…light on…phone next to me…glasses nowhere to be found.

I have a vague recollection of wine, beer, Alice Cooper, bourbon (okay, things get fuzzier around this point), singing along to the soundtrack of Grease, and cuddling with a tiny energetic and hilarious Columbian during ballads by Guns ‘n’ Roses, Metallica and Motley Crue.

After finding my glasses (under the bed), I look at my phone and discover that sometime last night I changed my flight home from today to tomorrow.

I head outside for some fresh air, and when I get to the bottom of the steps I put my hand in my coat pocket and discover I left a credit card in there. So I walk around the corner to RiteAid and pick up some hangover food (it hasn’t hit yet…but I assume it will)

I. Love. New. York. ❤️


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