For Lease

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately…

Some people weren’t built for the long haul.

There are friends we make as children who become lifelong friends. There are friends we make as we get older who stick with us through thick and thin. And yes, these are the heroes. The true-blue friendship warriors.

But there are others who were meant to walk with us during only a part of our journey. We meet because of circumstance and geography… and often end because of the same.

And that’s okay. Our future selves will benefit from knowing that it is okay to say goodbye.

If your life was better during that friendship, then consider yourself blessed. You get to keep those memories as a parting gift. Did they help you through a rough patch? Did you help them?

Your heart is like real estate. Some people own space, while others will rent. And it’s all okay.

Sweep the bitterness out of your rental space, and fill it with love. You never know if the next person who rents there will decide to buy.

5 thoughts on “For Lease

  1. Wow… you truly just changed my perspective. I can now accept and move on, this is a beautiful understanding that I will share with others. My little guy will hopefully have a better perspective early on because of you!

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