Squeezy Cheese

Doofenshmirtz just got back from her first Spring Break as a college student (the first one she’s taken without me… and I handled it pretty well… just don’t check my recycling bin)

We were sharing stories from our trips:

Doofenshmirtz: “That was the day we drove around, got lost, and ended up in North Carolina.”

Me: “My walk got kind of touristy, but after I got caught in the Hasidic Jew demonstration, I saw Steve Winwood in Newark, and I felt less touristsy.”

The best thing about those quotes is that they weren’t even the most interesting parts of our trips.

The unexpected life is the best life!

Bonus quotes from Doofenshmirtz:

“Mom, I think the most embarrassing part of your story is canned cheese.”


“If, in the future, my “drunk night” involves Vienna Sausages, Rite-Aid Triscuits, squeezy cheese, and waking up to John Travolta singing my name, I will consider my life a success.”

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