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Since I began this blog, my goal was to post something every day, Monday – Friday. Except for one (very busy and grandchild-filled) Wednesday, I’ve accomplished that goal. I have found that I have quite a few “Accidentally Human” stories (they seem to never end, so I’ve decided to go ahead and order the bubble-wrap suit, helmet and bedazzled “Fall Risk” jewelry), and I have … Continue reading Bloglettes

Killer clowns, a skort and Jose

Tuesday morning began like any other.  Except earlier.  And without food. I opened the front door to a gorgeous morning.  After a few days of rain, I welcomed the warm rays of sunshine and happily descended the stoop to start my day.  One tiny bit of unpleasant business first, however.  I walked down 9th Avenue toward 14th Street.  I had a doctor’s appointment.  I had … Continue reading Killer clowns, a skort and Jose

The Best Toast Ever and a Green Velvet Dress

I am not funny.  I am not funny.  I am not funny. Okay, I may be funny.  But this morning I’m just not feeling it. I’ve had the title to this particular blog tucked away for months.   And I’ve written it in my head a dozen different times.  There are subtle variations, but the theme is always the same. I’ve been blogging for a … Continue reading The Best Toast Ever and a Green Velvet Dress

How High?

I’m short. I’ve always been short. I stopped growing shortly after 5th grade. My boobs happily took up the slack. But I’ve spent my life reaching for everything. At the grocery store, I’ve climbed lower shelves to reach items on the top shelf. I’ve gone in search of employees to grab cartons of milk beyond my reach in the refrigerator.  I had to ask for … Continue reading How High?