Dia de Las Vidas

One of my favorite movies, “Empire Records”, has a character named Debra who tries (unsuccessfully) to slit her wrists. When a friend/co-worker confronts her about this, Debra responds: “I tried to kill myself with a Lady Bic. A pink plastic razor with daisies on it and a moisturizing strip.” Clearly, she didn’t intend to kill herself, but she was going through some stuff. Her friends … Continue reading Dia de Las Vidas

There’s No Place Like Lost

After absentmindedly trying the door handles of two other vehicles in the parking lot (because all vehicles in Vermont look the same), I am returning home from the local market. It is one of those perfect late-spring/early-summer June days. Impossible blue skies with just enough clouds to make it believable. Countless shades of green lining the roads and flowers dotting the hillsides with color. As I round the bend on River Road, I turn on some music, and the first song to … Continue reading There’s No Place Like Lost

Sandi 2.0

I watched myself do it. I mean, I literally (yeah, I know) left my body and hovered above the kitchen island and watched myself slowly and methodically do EVERYTHING else besides write. It’s maybe the first time I’ve been so aware in the moment. And yet, I started to cook a pot of steel-cut oatmeal. I took my vitamins. I gave some water to the … Continue reading Sandi 2.0