Wicked Siri

Second morning at The Fairview Inn: My eyes were still closed when I heard the cute boy mumble, “It’s wicked hot in here.” (giggle). I opened my mouth to croak, “Hey Siri!” No response. Louder, “HEY SIRI!” Still nothing. Remembering I had turned the volume down on my phone, I continued, assuming Siri had heard me, “Turn the ceiling fan the right direction.” Nothing. The … Continue reading Wicked Siri

Killer clowns, a skort and Jose

Tuesday morning began like any other.  Except earlier.  And without food. I opened the front door to a gorgeous morning.  After a few days of rain, I welcomed the warm rays of sunshine and happily descended the stoop to start my day.  One tiny bit of unpleasant business first, however.  I walked down 9th Avenue toward 14th Street.  I had a doctor’s appointment.  I had … Continue reading Killer clowns, a skort and Jose