Texas Love

I pulled into the parking lot as the skies opened up. I decided to check my email and social media and wait a bit for the rain to subside before I went into the grocery store.

A vehicle pulled into the spot next to mine, and I glanced over to see a truck that had probably witnessed 40 years of farm life. A tiny woman pushed open the passenger door and jumped down as if she had been jumping off a horse for the same 40 years. She had thick glasses and long hair piled into a knot on top of her head. She seemed to use all of her might as she shoved the door closed.

I waited to see a man emerge from the driver’s side of the truck. Sure enough, his shirt and hat had seen the same life as his truck.

Neither seemed to mind the pouring rain. Without saying a word, they stepped across the parking lot as he moved slightly ahead of her.

And just like that, he extended his right hand behind him, and she instinctively grabbed it.

They walked like that into the store as if they had been doing it for 40 years.

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