The Bus

Bumpity bump bump
Squeak squeak
Just hard enough for me to open my eyes and squint out the picture window
Blue sky
White puffy clouds
Sun making interesting patterns on the shade screen
In my dream, I was flying
But awake I am connected to a long stretch of highway
As Texas as if it had been pulled from a picture book about Texas
In late May
The first sunny day after weeks of rain
Mud and flowers and overgrown everything
Too many shades of green to count
I tilt my head up and suddenly we are floating
And there is a seahorse
With vapor trails
And it lowers his head
And becomes a cactus
As seahorses sometimes do
I lower my head
And now we are speeding along
The lines in the road try to keep up
And cars of all colors pull alongside and then pass us, like a pod of metal dolphins
And the telephone wires ebb and flow
The way they have since my first ever road trip
Road trips
With snacks
Great word, snacks.
And I take a sip of some delightful grapefruit/mint/alcohol thingy
And I smile
I saw faces I loved today
And we ate New York Pizza
Folded in half
Of course
And I lean over and rest my head on my daughter’s shoulder
Who is all grown up now
But that doesn’t matter
Because we took an adventure today
For the sake of taking an adventure

June, you have your work cut out for you.

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