En-lightning and Thunder

Awake at 1:30 in the morning because of storms.

Crept into another room to watch a Marco Polo (recorded video chat) from my Dad.

Earlier, we had been discussing a particularly hard-to-open bottle of Pepsi he had been wrestling with. He was blaming old age, but laughing at himself.

I responded before heading to bed, telling him about a case of water we had at the office a long time ago that even our maintenance man had trouble opening. I had even left a small pair of vice grips in my top drawer to help open them at the time. We pondered whether some joker in the plant or warehouse had super-glued the lids on for giggles.

Now, in this most recent Marco Polo, Dad brought up a memory from when Sto (my grandfather) was living alone after my grandmother had passed away. He said Sto didn’t have the strength he used to, so when he went to the grocery store, he would ask the checker to pop all the lids (mayonnaise, olives, etc) and then screw them back on so he could get into them once he was home.

I never knew that, and loved hearing that memory.

I hit the record button to leave Dad a short reply, and was surprised when his face popped up right after.

I apologized for waking him up, but he said he had also been awake by chance.

Chatting with my Dad in the middle of the night during a thunderstorm and learning a sweet memory about my grandfather.

Some thunderstorms have gold linings.


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