Somewhere under a Houston moon, Freddy is roaming free. And while he had a little scare, he’s fine now.

You see, Freddy came inside (or maybe he was born there) and found himself in a cozy corner. Out of reach, but not out of sight. He was causing no trouble. In fact, he was helping. Doing his job. And while he may have been happy in that place, occasionally there comes a time when souls have to part ways for one reason or another. This was one of those times.

Freddy had decided to stretch his legs. All eight of them. And had made his way to the middle of the ceiling. As it turns out, his new spot was directly over the big comfy bed. And while he probably never had intentions of spending any time on that bed, the other souls knew Freddy came from a long line of unpredictable jumpers and danglers. The time had come to say goodbye.

But, as some souls are often not, these souls were kind. They held no ill will toward Freddy. And while he had been doing his job, it was time for him to go. The kind souls decided to relocate Freddy to the backyard where, they were certain, he would make friends and explore the tall grass and make a new home on the fence.

Somewhere under a Houston roof, those kind souls called Kiki to share this story, and her heart was happy to know that Freddy was roaming free. And while the kind souls had a little scare, they are fine now.

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