Old Time Rock and Roll

Kids today will never know the struggle to get the music they love.

They will never hold their Toot-A-Loop radio up to their Panasonic tape recorder to try and record the latest song by the Commodores.

They will never sit for hours in front of their stereo, hand poised over the “record” button, waiting for the new Led Zeppelin song to come on the radio.

They will never know the agony of trying to stack too many albums on the turntable, only to have them come crashing down from the weight.  And they will never know the frustration of a scratched record or broken stylus.

They will never realize the anxiety that comes from running to the store the day after Casey Kasem’s Top 40 to buy the newest 45 single, only to find it sold out, or not yet stocked.

They will never feel the embarrassment of calling up a radio station and singing some sad little portion of a poorly-remembered song to the DJ, and then asking him for the name and artist of that song.

They will never appreciate the benefit of the “fast-forward”, “rewind” and “pause” buttons on a cassette player.

They will never have to work for their playlists (aka: Mix Tapes) by spending hours sitting cross-legged in front of their stereo, digging through their favorite albums (and albums borrowed from friends) to find their favorite songs…then carefully setting the stylus down at the beginning of the song while simultaneously pressing the record button on the cassette recorder.

And they will never know the agony of that same mix tape catching inside the cassette player and ripping.  Or the painful revenge of an ex-boy/girlfriend destroying a mix-tape by pulling it apart and driving over it.

But they will also never know the joy of getting a call from the record store to let them know their album is in, or seeing album-shaped gifts under the Christmas tree.

They will never know the fun of taking the cellophane wrapper off of an album, and opening it up to find pictures and lyrics, and sometimes bonus POSTERS!  And they will never spend hours in their bean-bag chair memorizing those lyrics while the album plays.

They will never experience the wonder of finding an amazing B-side song.

They will never recognize the sound of the needle hitting the sweet spot at the beginning of a record, or between songs.  And they will never fall asleep to the gentle “swish, swish, swish” sound at the end of the record.

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