Accidentally Human Part I

*Thank you to Kelly Mims for contributing the title to this series.  My goal is to post one accident story per week until I run out of them (stop laughing).  Many of these are old, so please don’t send sympathy cards.  Some readers may remember when these originally occurred …if you were one of the lucky ones to witness any of these events, feel free to comment.  🙂


So I’m in the grocery store, and I’ve got a tub of hummus in my right hand, and another in my left.  I am comparing ingredients and feel a sneeze coming on.

I turn my head to the left so that I’m not sneezing INTO the cold food bin, BUT there’s a woman standing there.

I have no time, and now I have two choices.  Throw one of the tubs on the ground so that I can cover my mouth.  Or, sneeze on the hummus.

I sneezed on the hummus.

I am now the proud owner of two (slightly snotty) tubs of hummus.


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