Hic-Hic Hooray!

Let me start by saying… my ONLY super power is that I can cure the hiccups.

Sure, it doesn’t sound like much of a super power, but just ask anyone I’ve cured, and they’ll tell you I’m kind of a big deal.

In college, people used to bring tough cases to me at my dorm, and I would cure them. (Not to brag, but the movie “I Am Legend” was originally supposed to be my biography. Will Smith hadn’t had a decent movie in awhile, so I told him, “Ok, you can have this one….but why don’t you make it a Zombie flick, since no one will believe you can cure hiccups!”)

Which brings me to this: I literally woke myself up with a very LOUD case of hiccups. (In other news, I rarely ever get the hiccups!)

So I figured I would cure myself. I turned the Snapchat camera on and began rolling. Not a single hiccup during any of my 14-second attempts. But the moment the camera stopped rolling…HICCUP!

So I used the standard video, and this time I thought I was just documenting, since I couldn’t seem to cure them myself. But….

Yeah, I still got it!

You’re welcome.

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