Bubble Girl

I love my patio/backyard. But about a week ago, I stopped going out there because of the herds of mosquitos (if you are not from Texas, I realize they are typically referred to as a “swarm”…however, if you could SEE our mosquitos, you would understand why I use the term “herd”). I don’t want to fog, because I hate killing all the other tiny beings with wings.

For the past two days, I haven’t gone out there because it is spider season (simply typing that word creeps me out), and again, I don’t want to kill THEM because they are taking care of our mosquitos.

If someone could please send me an air-conditioned (and possibly fashionable) bubble suit, I would appreciate it. A built-in cup holder for wine, er, coffee would be helpful. And speakers. And a charger for my phone.

It’s really a good thing that my living room has windows.