How Long?

So I connected my iPad to a Bose speaker via Bluetooth (I’m tech savvy like that), and put it in the bathroom so I could jam out while I showered.

Maiden voyage:  I chose the playlist “Purchased Songs” (which is pretty massive), and clicked “shuffle” (yes, I realized the risk, but I felt the Gods of Shuffle would be ever in my favor).

I tapped “Play” and the first song to come on was “Point of Know Return” by Kansas.  Interesting choice, I thought, but I do like that song.  So I happily hopped into the shower and began jamming.

After the song ended, I crossed my fingers and waited hopefully for the next song (you know… when you are unable to forward past a song, inevitably your iPod chooses “White Christmas”, followed by “The Cha Cha Slide”, and finishes with “Whale Sounds” from that Zen cd you purchased to help you sleep while on a train trip across country)…

I was a bit surprised to hear a very familiar intro, and discovered it was (again) “Point of Know Return”.  I realized my mistake.  I had pushed “repeat” instead of “shuffle”.  Clearly not as tech savvy as 3 minutes 12 seconds earlier, but figured that there are worse songs to listen to on repeat.

How long?  How long?  How long?  To The Point of NO Return?  I’ll tell you.  Exactly 12 minutes and 48 seconds.  Aaaaack!

In other news:  I’ve figured out the difference between “repeat” and “shuffle”.  I’ve also pulled a certain Kansas song from every playlist.

2 thoughts on “How Long?

  1. Apparently, the CD I used to rip “Never” by Heart onto my iPod had a skip on it. The first (and only) time it came on, it lasted 8 minutes. We were in my car and an 8-year-old Phill asked when it was going to be over. The Wilson sisters proudly proclaimed, “NEVER!”

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