Camp Anawanna Know The Truth

Doofenshmirtz and I were reminiscing about the time I sent her to summer camp at the Flying G Ranch (local Christian camp) for horse riding lessons.

She was 7.

During a group meeting, one of the counselors took it upon himself to inform the kids that Santa Clause wasn’t real. (Yes, Virginia, there ARE assholes!) But this guy took a different tack than simply saying, “Santa isn’t real”… oh no, he told these kids that their parents are LIARS! He went as far as to instruct them to go home and ASK their parents if they have been lying!

In case you’re wondering… yes, that was her LAST day at that camp. Yes, I got every penny of my money back. And yes, that counselor got more of Sandi-The-Angry-Mom than he bargained for.

Of course I feared it would ruin Christmas for her forever. But it did the opposite. She rallied against pessimistic negativity (versus optimistic negativity. Yes, it’s a thing. Example: I hope Trump falls down a lot.), and became the queen of all things Christmas!

And more than anything, she kept her amazing sense of humor. At the end of our conversation, she stood up to comically portray the counselor from 12 years ago:

Doofenshmirtz: “That’s right kids! Not only are your Christmas dreams crushed, your parental units suck!” And as she dramatically left the room, she waved and yelled, “Merry Christmas and goodnight!”

Next year it’s Camp Granada all the way.

p.s.  Salute Your Shorts fans… you’re welcome.

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