Out of the Fall Closet

All my life I have considered myself a Summer Girl.  The long days, hot sand next to cool water, no school, Chevy-Chase-worthy vacations, and a chorus of cicadas.

Sure, everyone loves spring, but those storms!

And I’m sorry, but no amount of hot cocoa and skiing can hide the fact that winter sucks.

But…despite My Melancholy Blues (thank you Freddie Mercury) over the shorter days, I’m a sucker for the rosy glow of just-turning trees, the smell of smoke from a fireplace or a barrel of burning leaves, and sleeping with the windows open.

At 52 degrees, my insomnia takes a holiday, and, burrowed beneath my favorite quilt when my eyes open, I am so sublimely comfortable that (just for a moment) I consider peeing the bed.

I may be a closet Fall Girl after all.


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