The Day Before A Year Ago

Dear David,

There’s some stuff I need to tell you.

You were my first crush.

I had posters of you on my walls (and maybe a few pictures I had cut out from magazines and the TV Guide).

I watched The Partridge Family every time it came on. Even in syndication. And I’m not entirely sure it had a plot (or other cast members).

You are the reason I wore a puka shell necklace for a year. Maybe two.

You are the reason I dated that guy in high school who I probably shouldn’t have. But he had your smile.

On February 7th, 2010, I treated myself to a birthday bucket-list, and got front row seats to see you in concert. I introduced you to my youngest daughter that day. (she and I both thought Davy Jones embarrassed himself). You should know that you shook a 45 year-old’s 13-year old hand. ❤️

I love that your voice sings to me every now and then when my iPod is on “shuffle”. And for the record, I think I love you too!

I really REALLY don’t want to log into Facebook and learn that I’ve lost you.

Please get well soon!

All my teenage love,


*the day after the day before… RIP David 😞

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