24 Hours

I want to use fancy words to describe the last 24 hours, but I find myself at a loss. Truly.

In the last 24 hours:

I have been told the best news (twice).

I’ve heard terrible news.

I have conversed with friends experiencing the beginning of relationships, the end of a job, the stress of family issues and illness, the excitement of a trip, and the sadness of a lost love.

I’ve had my daughters’ voices in my ear telling me they love me, and that everything will be alright.

I love each of these people with my whole heart. Sometimes the emotion is overwhelming.

There’s something so special about human connection. We are social for a reason. The love that makes us family and friends is a pretty amazing bond.

As I was walking into the office awhile ago, I noticed that the sun had come out. Yesterday, I posted that I needed the sun. And then the last 24 hours happened, and I realized I hadn’t even noticed.

I did notice, however, there were TWO bees that greeted me as I got out of my truck. 🐝 🐝❤️

Life is sweet.

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