A Mediocre Morning Story

A mediocre morning story.

Not that the morning was mediocre, but the story definitely is.

I made the world’s best cup of coffee (thank you French Press and Maui Cat), and settled into my chair. I pulled open my laptop and began to write.  I became distracted by the beautiful view outside my window.

One of the reasons Texans probably stay in this silly state is because of our Decembers. Before we get our actual winter, we have the most beautiful fall. Usually in December.  While the rest of the world is shoveling snow, we are enjoying warm Christmas break days with light breezes.

The oak tree that lives behind my back porch was still full of fall leaves. As I gazed, the leaves began to fall. One at a time.  Every two or three seconds.  No breeze. No real reason. It was like I was witnessing a choreographed end of  fall.

I decided to capture it, so I set aside my laptop and scrambled over to the couch by the window. I perched there with my phone on “video” and waited to catch the leaves. I waited. And waited. Not one leaf fell. I assumed it had been an anomaly, so I turned off the phone and settled back into my chair and re-opened my laptop. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw it.  More leaves falling. One after another after another. Every couple seconds.

Okay Mother Nature. I get it. I need to put the phone away and enjoy in the moment.

Thanks for the reminder.

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