Sunrise and Strawberry Cake

I believe in signs from the universe.  But I don’t look for them.  No, really I don’t.  They just pop up now and then and smack me upside the head.  Or sometimes they are more subtle.  Sweet, even.

Lately I’ve been waking up to a different view.  Windows wide open, the sunrise is my alarm clock.  The dusty pinks gently tap on my eyelids until the glowing orange calls my name.  And once I’m awake, I remain in place.  Watching. Breathing. Thinking.

By the time the sky is fully lit, my brain is buzzing.  My heart feels full and my body feels electric.  All this before coffee.  Every thought is aching to get out.  There is almost a desperation to write everything down before the feeling goes away.  Before the day begins.  Before I forget.

But I won’t forget.  Because I’ve left crumbs.  While other people were writing about their New Years’ resolutions, I was writing notes to my future self.  Reminders pop up of where I’ve been and how far I’ve come.

All my life, I had never heard of strawberry cake.  Didn’t even know it was a thing.  Until he popped a piece of it into my mouth.  Then within the next few days, sitting with a group of people, someone brought up strawberry cake.  How unusual, I thought.  Twice in one week.  Later I found myself unable to sleep, so I pulled out a book and began to read.  I came to a paragraph about strawberry cake. What?!! I read it twice. And then one more time. It was important, and I knew it.

It was the universe dropping sweet crumbs.

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