Where Love Lives

It’s time to leave New York again… so I thought I would post my favorite picture from this trip.

He has been my cousin for 34 years, and she became my cousin only a few years ago…but it feels like so much longer! Nothing is better when you already have an amazing family, than when another amazing family member is added!

I am lucky that this trip included hanging out with them (usually I’m house-sitting while they are gone).

They are each super-human on their own, but together they may actually save the world!

One of my favorite things about staying here is being surrounded by love whether they are here or not. Scattered throughout the apartment are love notes written on post-it’s, and scribbled messages of support on mirrors and message boards. It’s inspirational!

But it’s when I catch them building each other up when they think no one is looking… I realize true love exists and it makes my heart happy! ❤️

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