Vague Apology

Dear Readers,

I had a weird day today.

A trifecta of very bad things hit me like a winter storm, and I was not in a good place to handle it. So I wrote.

I’m not a fan of vague-booking (in fact it drives me crazy), but in this case I’m afraid my blog is just that. And for that, I apologize. I needed to get it out, so feel free to skip tomorrow’s blog. I may have one more dark/sad/angry blog to write… but then I’m done. Happy words are yet to come! I have notes ready to go regarding some spectacular accident-prone moments from here in New York as well as some generally snarky material. I am also spending Valentines Day (a day I typically despise) in this wonderful city, and will no doubt be writing about that as well. This chick managed to find herself a hot date! So never fear… I am fine. All is well. Or at least, it will be.

And to the one who answered the phone and listened to me cry for an hour (even though I’m pretty sure you didn’t understand the words that were coming out of my face) I love you. I’m a lucky girl to have you in my corner. ❤️

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