On The Right Track

Notes from the road, er, track:

Track 12 and track 12W are not the same.

Track 12 and track 12W are on two separate floors.

All of Penn Station smells like urine (and I really don’t want to know why).

The new lavender sweater dress I chose has a cowl neck.

A cowl neck will come over the top of your head when you remove your scarf.

A cowl neck sitting on top of your head will feel like the hood of your coat, so there’s a good chance you won’t even realize it’s up there.

Wearing snow boots while running along a track may (will) cause you to fall down.

Wearing snow boots on a train may (will) cause you to fall down.

If you fall down in a spectacular fashion, nice boys will insist on carrying your coffee.

Nice boys don’t wash the after shave off their hands. (This is only important when there is a lid on your coffee).

Wearing a new lavender sweater dress for your trip without washing it first may result in realizing (too late) that it will spend the entirety of the trip disintegrating all over everything (and everyone) it comes in contact with.

A new lavender sweater dress may not be the best choice for tight spaces with lots of Velcro.

Velcro, while it may be one of the best inventions ever, sucks.

The cowl neck of your new lavender sweater dress will conveniently store all crumbs for later.

It will also hold a decent amount of coffee or (and) apple juice just long enough (before absorbing) to splash back on your face/hair, or down your bra when adjusting said cowl.

I really (no, really) love train travel!

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