This Could Be Us

And Randall proposed to Beth over a plate of nachos and a ginger beer.

She was his one true love and he was the love of her life.

They had already survived the bad. And while they thought it was the worst, the universe knew better.

I want to stop watching at this moment, while they are facing each other. So much in love. Tears in their eyes. Light shining from surrounding faces. I want to close my eyes and stay in this moment.

But I know what’s to come. The worst.

And I imagine love will find them, still together. Only this time, they won’t be facing each other. They will be back to back, like when we were kids playing Prairie Family and Indians (thank you Laura Ingalls Wilder). Facing away from each other but still one unit. Strong because of each other.

And they will survive.

How do I know this? I don’t.

I’m just hoping the writers get it right.

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