Seasonal Bliss

Highway 69 between Tyler and Lufkin in East Texas is pretty spectacular during the month of April.

As I drive along this scenic route, I am reminded of the question that always pops up on those dumb surveys: “What is your favorite season?”.

I typically answer “Fall”, the seasonal “middle child” whose weather toggles between warm leftover summer days and crisp nights flirting with winter.  Fall, because I love the autumn colors.  And football. And Halloween. And all things spice. And memories of my grandmother.

But I have to say that now…after taking in more shades of green than I can count (thank you Hollywood), and seeing the earth laugh in flowers (thank you Ralph), for 75 breathtaking miles, my answer is unequivocally “Spring”.

Mother Nature is apologizing for winter. She is gifting this to make up for the storms. She is loving us in a way we probably don’t even deserve. And I am trying to clear room in my head and heart to take it all in, because I know it has an expiration date.

I know I will be sad to see it slip into the dry, scorching months of summer. But for now, I will let it wrap itself around me and relax into the colorful happiness.


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