This is for someone who is going through a difficult time.

I use the word difficult like I know what it means.  But in this case, I do not.

You are going through something unimaginable to me.  To most people.

You are a writer.  So you write about it.  About life.  About your feelings.  You put yourself out there.  And I see you.  I know you are not writing for anyone else.  You are writing for yourself.

So you struggle with the responses.   People who are your friends, in some capacity, offering up their brand of advice.  Advice that you didn’t ask for.  And advice that won’t help or change anything.

So why do you write?  You have to.  It’s what you do to keep from exploding.  Imploding.  Dying.  It helps you clear your thoughts and soothe your soul, even if it’s just in that moment.  So here is my advice (unsolicited)… Don’t stop.  Ever.

Last night when I got home, I tilted my head down and for some reason my nose poured blood.  It saturated one of my favorite tops.  It was a mess to clean up, and I had to work on making sure the stain didn’t set, and then I had to do laundry.  I grumbled.  I fumed.  I mopped and I moped.  I shoved a cotton ball up my nose.  Oh, sorry, too much information?  Lol!  Anyway, at one point, I read some of your writing and thought about your words.  I thought about what you are going through.  And suddenly my bloody nose wasn’t a problem.  Neither was my broken nail, or my bills or my job or my life.

While you are going through your struggles, I want you to know that you are fighting the good fight.  Your bravery and strength inspire me.  And you help me to appreciate and love my life.  You help me to see things in a different light.  And I know I’m not alone.  Every time your words hit the screen, I imagine they touch more people than you know.  Even though it’s not your intent.

Whether you’ve known someone for a lifetime, or just a couple years… whether you live in the same town, or miles away… whether you see someone regularly or rarely… your writing reaches out, touches people, inspires people, helps people.  And I know it’s not even an intended byproduct.   I don’t know if my words help you, but I just wanted you to know that your words help me.

I am better for knowing you.


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