Abandoned Hearts

Across the street from the apartment there is a school. Like most schools, the bell rings around 2:40 in the afternoon and a hoard of children leave the building.

Around the corner, there is a RiteAid. This particular RiteAid gets very busy after school, but yesterday it was busier because of Valentines Day.

As we were all waiting in line, a 30-something woman (who I swear was from Plano) (no offense to any of my friends from Plano, but… you know) began making ugly noises about the line.

After about, I don’t know, three minutes, she made a loud exasperated sound and pushed between us to slam these items on the counter and storm out.

The remainder of people on line gazed at the items and began to grin.

Assuming the one large box of chocolates and tampons were meant for herself, I piped up with, “Well, her three boyfriends are going to be VERY disappointed.”

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