The Name Game

This morning I took a friend to a surgical center for a minor procedure. Sitting across from me in the waiting room was a young girl, and although she was well-behaved, she was impatiently peppering her grandfather with questions. She was about the same age as my grandson, so I happily tuned in and eavesdropped to pass the time.

To slow her rapid-fire inquisition, Grandpa began asking her questions. He started with her name.

(I have changed her name for this blog)

Grandpa: What’s your first name?

Girl:  Audrey.

Grandpa: What’s your middle name?

Audrey:  Michelle.

Grandpa: What’s your last name?

Audrey: Tyler.


Audrey: Grandpa, what’s my next name?

Grandpa: That’s it. That’s all of your names. Well, until you get married. Then you will take the last name from the boy you marry.

Audrey: So that will be my new first name?

Grandpa: No, your new last name. You will change your last name to his last name.

Audrey: Grandpa, what will your new last name be?

Grandpa: I won’t get a new last name. Boys don’t change their names. Just girls. That’s why Grandma’s last name is Tyler.

Audrey: My last name is Tyler. That’s your last name too, right?

Grandpa: Yes.

Audrey: Well, I don’t want a new last name.

Grandpa: You will have to change it when you get married.

Audrey: I don’t want to change it.


Audrey: Grandpa, you know who I’m going to marry?

Grandpa: Who?

(I was totally expecting her to answer, “YOU!”, and I was ready for my heart to melt)

Audrey: NOBODY!

Grandpa: *eyes widen*

Audrey: I’m not changing my name for NOBODY! (And with that, she giggled with delight and jumped off her chair to twirl)

I had to turn my head away to hide my grin. I loved her answer even more than the one I was expecting, and I felt my heart swell instead of melt.

Yesterday might have been International Women’s Day, but today was Audrey Michelle Tyler Day!

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