I am staring out the window into my own backyard. The morning is gray and rainy. This is not the view I had planned for today.

Five months ago, Carrie Bradshaw (okay, fine, Sarah Jessica Parker) made an announcement. She and Ferris Bueller (okay, fine, Matthew Broderick) were going to perform together on Broadway in the classic “Plaza Suite” by Neil Simon. My fav, in one of my favs, ON BROADWAY!

And so the planning began…

I planned to be on an airplane today, with a view of NYC coming into view as we land.

I planned to be at the top of The Edge observation deck tomorrow, with a completely new view of New York City.

I planned to meet with a NYC photographer friend of mine and go out for coffee later.

I planned to walk across the Williamsburg Bridge and meet a friend for coffee on the other side.

I planned to visit the stairs in the Bronx where Joaquin’s “Joker” danced.

I planned to watch the St Patrick’s Day Parade for the first time since 2003.

I planned to meet up with friends and family I only see when I’m in New York.

And I planned to have a drink and sit in the Hudson Theater to watch my Carrie Bradshaw (fine, fine… SJP) and her husband perform in “Plaza Suite”.

In January, due to an unplanned illness, I sat in front of this same computer and canceled plans for a quick 3-day trip to the city, and it broke my heart. My only saving grace was knowing I had this particular trip planned for the future.

And so…

Because of an unplanned situation…

I am unplanning my flights.

I am unplanning my trips to new vantage points in the city.

I am unplanning visits with friends and family.

I am unplanning the parade.

And I am unplanning my night on Broadway.

My near future will consist of planning what groceries I need. Planning to work from home. Planning how to spend time that I’m not used to.

I pause from writing and gaze out the window again. Through the raindrops on the glass, the greens and yellows and pinks and purples from the yard blend together like a Monet painting. One glance at the calendar on the wall and I realize that Spring had not planned on such a warm Winter.

Through the window, there is an unplanned Spring.

Through my tears, there is unplanned happiness.

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