Auntie Zen

Thanks to the previous homeowner, my backyard has beautiful rose bushes.   Other than pruning them a couple times a year, and feeding them banana peels, I don’t do much more than water them.

April brings gorgeous blooms, but with them, swarms of aphids.  These nasty little suckers plaster themselves to the buds, sucking the life out of each flower before they ever have a chance to open.

I tried everything to get rid of them, but nothing seemed to deter them.  Then I heard about ordering ladybugs online.  How MAREVELOUS!

I set up a little house for them on the fence, and anxiously awaited their arrival.  On the day they were delivered, I dragged family and friends outside for what I imagined would be a very dramatic and emotional “release”… nature at its finest!

Ignoring the fact that directions came with the pint of 9,000 insects, I opened it up on the edge of the garden and stood back to watch the magic happen.

As the thousands of ladybugs exited their carrier, they turned AWAY from the garden, and made a mad dash toward the house!   I thought maybe the sunny day was a bit overwhelming for them, and they were just going to rest on the shady patio.

I remembered (much too late) that I had just had the house exterminated, and one of the areas treated was the outside perimeter…including the patio.

We all watched in horror as what can only be described as a “death march” unfolded before our eyes… helpless, as thousands of ladybugs crossed the perimeter and neared the house, they slowed until they were nothing but sad little shells, littering the patio.  I cried for hours.

I have always known I have no business keeping plants, fish or birds (I’m not so much irresponsible as cursed).  On that day, I added bugs to the list.

Nothing like 9000 tiny whacks to my karma.





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