Cake in Funnel Form

Two things about those funnel cakes.  They are irresistible.  And it always seems to be breezy during the Fair.

So there you are, holding this heavy pastry on a paper plate that is already saturated with grease.  You hold the plate with one hand while the other hand tries to “neatly” break off a bite-sized piece.  But soon, all hopes of handling this in a ladylike fashion are lost.

As the grease drips down the hand holding the plate, more grease squirts onto the other one.  Airborne powdered sugar finds a way to adhere to everything.

For a moment, you wonder if your sugar-coated lips might be considered sexy… then you realize, they will have to be, because even if you had napkins, you wouldn’t have a hand to hold them.  And you certainly wouldn’t dig in your pocket for them, so…

You stand there, in a crowd, hovering over this powdered disaster, and eat as fast as you can before the stomach ache sets in.  There is now powdered sugar on one of your eyelids and the back of your ear.  The sexy thought fades.

Then, inevitably, a gust of wind catches the plate and tips it (towards you, of course) and down goes the cake, leaving you covered in powdered sugar…

and regret.

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