Accidentally Human Part VII


I was eating lunch at my desk (as always),

and had just taken a bite of tuna salad,

when I started to sneeze.

I knew there was no stopping it…

I knew I was nowhere near a tissue…

and I knew it was going to be ugly.

So I grabbed the (really large) trash can from under my desk to sneeze into.

My eyes shut, and I tried to (quickly) bring it toward my face.

It hit the underside of the desk.

I jerked backwards in my chair,

(all of this happening in slow-motion in my mind)

and managed to get it out from under the desk.

Eyes still closed,

I had used just enough force while pushing myself backwards

to fall out of my chair…

and just enough force pulling the trash can up that

I whacked myself in the head with it.

Kind of makes you feel better about yourself now, doesn’t it?

You’re welcome.



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