Gun Control

Quite often during a shoot-out scene in a movie, a shooter will run out of ammo and just throw the gun.  Two thoughts always come to mind:

  1. It’s a lot easier to dodge a gun than a bullet, so it’s pretty ineffective as a weapon at that point.
  2. Dude.  It’s still a good gun.  They don’t grow on trees.  You will regret that later.

But this morning, as I reached for my gun to shoot at birds in our trees… (got your attention?)

Disclaimer: We have a large, rowdy gang of annoying blackbirds who continue to party in our trees, much to the chagrin of the “family values” birds who live there full time, and my solution has been to fire a BB-gun (just the air, not the BB’s) toward them until they fly away.  For whatever reason, the “family values” birds are not phased.

…as I was saying… I went to fire my gun and the air cartridge was empty.  All I got was an unsatisfying “click, click, click”, followed by the unmistakable laughter of asshole blackbirds.

I now COMPLETELY understand why they throw their gun.



3 thoughts on “Gun Control

  1. I should be careful about where I read this blog! I continue to find myself expressing emotions that are not quite appropriate for my environment…. currently laughing in the middle of a meeting about data.

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