My Farm is Funnier

Sunday is Beauty Day.

So I put on my favorite homemade face mask – BC Powder (basically crushed aspirin and caffeine) and honey, and decided to get some yard work done while it dried (it actually never really dries… more like “cures”)

Our back fence is covered in Trumpet Vines, which are covered in bees and ants.  I had to lean into them to grab a shovel.

What happened next resembled a scene from a movie.  I’m thinking it was Chevy Chase in “Funny Farm”, or Tom Hanks in “The Money Pit”… or maybe Chris Farley in “Tommy Boy”.

In any case, I freaked out the dog, who freaked out a couple dozen doves who reside in our tree, who freaked out the dog (again).

There are feathers all over our yard and roses in my cheeks!

Update:  I did NOT get stung.  I did all the damage to myself by smacking my own face.  I’m pretty certain Coco is judging me.

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