Last Day Spoilers

Last day of vacation. Sigh… Well, if it has to end, I’m taking everyone down with me:

*The ship sinks (and there was only room for one on the door).

*The nerd gets the girl.

*Jason is still alive.

*Jack Sparrow speaks of another quest.

*Verbal Kint is Keyser Söze.

*Tyler Durden doesn’t actually exist.

*Ned Stark loses his head.

*Ross and Rachel end up together.

*The gopher survives the explosions and the ball goes in the hole.

*Gwyneth Paltrow’s head.

*Jim and Pam get married.

*Frodo goes into the mountains and throws the ring (with help) into the fiery lava.

*It was the name of his childhood sled!

*The Cubs lost game three of the 2016 World Series in a yawn-worthy shut-out. (Okay, fine, watch it if you must, but even Bill Murray as Daffy Duck won’t save this one).

*The Cubs win the 2016 World Series in extra innings 4 games to 3.

*He was dead THE WHOLE TIME!

*Doug Neidermeyer went to Vietnam where he was killed by his own troops.

*And frankly, Rhett doesn’t give a damn.

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