3 Little Words

There is a phrase…three little words…that can change everything. Heal a heart. Save a life.

It’s not the three words you’re thinking. It’s not the overused phrase that only holds its meaning until the person saying it changes their mind. Because those three words don’t change a thing. Romance is a dance. A pastime. A prelude to something more. Something that involves work.

No one writes poems or songs about my three words. Even though they really are like water to a tree, sunlight to flower, the first rays of dawn after the longest night.

No, the three words I’m thinking of are empowering. These words give wings to the soul.

“You’re worth it.”

Worth the the time. The energy. The effort. The fight. And the love. Worth all the bad that comes with the good.

Did my three words make you smile? Fill your heart with anticipation of good things to come?

They should.

Because you’re worth it.

4 thoughts on “3 Little Words

  1. These aren’t tears filling up my sons bathtub, just more water right?

    ….. I was trying to guess and was not even close


    These words will now be in my office

    And thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

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