The Battle

Once upon a time and in a galaxy far far away, I took a science class (and by “took” I mean I was enrolled and showed up just often enough to pass) where the teacher taught us something about the density or volume of water versus steam and ice.  I think.  Anyway, the gist of it was that it’s the same stuff, but it takes up a different amount of space.  We did fun little experiments to prove it, which is why I have any memory of it at all.

So I want to suggest a theory I have about love versus hate.  They are both emotions.  And they both come from very passionate places.  But I believe the density of hate is much greater than love.  Hate is like a solid, and love is like a gas.

The experiment is easy.  When love is in your heart, it expands – so, your heart expands.  Any overflow of love will float out into space and head in the direction of anyone close by.  You can pump endless amounts of love into your heart, and the end result is a bigger heart.

Hate fills up the heart quickly.  Then there is nowhere to go but down.  It drips down into the legs and feet, weighing you down.  People close by end up stepping in or tripping over any that escapes.  The heart cannot expand to contain more of it, so at some point, it simply breaks.

Hate is a tricky emotion.  It flows down a slippery slope.  It can fill up the heart slowly, like frog in a pot of water.  The water heats up so slowly, the frog never realizes it’s boiling.  But you know when your heart breaks.  And lucky for you, the heart is a resilient muscle.  It remembers what it’s like to be full of love.

Is it time for a cleanse?  Are you ready to purge all the toxins?  Get rid of the sludge that has filled your heart?

There is love all around you.  It has always been there.  Tap into it.  Let it fill your heart back up.

There is truth in the saying:

Love wins.



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