Nothing happy, nothing funny, nothing witty, nothing wry.

No more smiles, no more laughter, I have something in my eye.

Pain was tapping, pain was knocking, pain was tearing down my wall.

All the sadness, all the sorrow, who will catch me if I fall?

I was tired, I was empty, so I laid my head to rest.

Dreamt of singing, dreamt of sunshine, dreamt of days that were the best.

And my future came with morning, and my mourning left with dawn.

And I poured a cup of coffee, and I crept out to the lawn.

And I sat and watched the birds and bees, and stared at greens and pink.

My face I tilted to the sky, and dreams turned into think.

A sayer and a doer are two very different things.

A caterpillar I once was, it’s time to find my wings.


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