Twyla at Twilight

When I walk around the block to the south, this mural gazes down on the corner of 19th St and Eighth Ave, just next to the Joyce Theater.

When I turn up 8th to head home, the Empire State Building peeks over the buildings to the east. I give her a wink.

The vibe on 8th Avenue is fast and loud and raunchy. It’s world’s away from the calm, quiet, hipsterness of 9th Ave.

The subway rumbles below the street, and I can feel a blast of hot air push through the grates in the sidewalk. It smells like hell, but I don’t mind.

I know I will miss all of this so much when I’m gone.

One thought on “Twyla at Twilight

  1. If you have not watched ‘Up’ recently I feel like this is exactly what the little boy is talking about… The little things that he misses the most.

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