In Memory of Sandra

Oh Sandra!

My memories of you involve a lot of stuff I can’t post… which made you a pretty awesome person to know!

Thank you for coming to every party. For getting all the jokes. For taking Chels under your wing like she was your own grandchild.

Thank you for dragging me to Bingo. For bringing the booze. For never EVER holding your tongue. 😂

Thank you for a Thanksgiving none of us will ever forget. The cold, wet, cheesy pineapple casserole will live on in infamy.

Thank you for teaching me how to give gifts people like. Your generosity knew no bounds. I still cherish everything you ever gave me…

You may have pretended to be grumpy, but we knew better.

You gave us just the right amount of crazy to be interesting.

You always called yourself the “Bad Penny Lady”. Joking that you always turned up, but were never welcome.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

I know when you turned up this morning, your mom, husband and sister were there to greet you, and probably had a bottle of whiskey ready for you and a chair waiting at a bingo game.

Rest In Peace

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