Coffee-stained beginnings

My first time “living” in New York (house-sitting for my cousins) had an interesting beginning.  I initially flew in and stayed one night in Midtown.  Did touristy stuff.  Wanted to get that out of my system, because for the next three weeks, I was going to live in Chelsea like a New Yorker!  At age 52, I would finally be cool! The universe had other … Continue reading Coffee-stained beginnings

Pee-stained memories

There are certain memories that belong to a specific age group. Going to Woolworth (remember the Five-and-Dime?) to pick out my lunch box before school began in the fall.  Typically metal, but occasionally vinyl, one’s “cool factor” was often determined by what television show was depicted on the outside of that box.  Your cool status could also be boosted by the addition of any type … Continue reading Pee-stained memories

Fast Times At Sleepless High

9:30 pm: Arrive home (thirty minutes AFTER my pre-planned bedtime) to a house with at least 2 hours of chores waiting for me. For those of you who are thinking, “Wow! She’s my hero!”, read on… 9:30 – 10 pm: Spend 30 uninterrupted minutes feeling sorry for myself. 10 pm – Midnight: Watch 4 back-to-back episodes of “Yard Crashers” (all the while, feeling sorry for … Continue reading Fast Times At Sleepless High