The Bus

Hummmmm…Bumpity bump bumpSqueak squeakBUMP!Just hard enough for me to open my eyes and squint out the picture windowBlue skyWhite puffy cloudsSun making interesting patterns on the shade screenIn my dream, I was flyingBut awake I am connected to a long stretch of highwayAs Texas as if it had been pulled from a picture book about TexasIn late MayThe first sunny day after weeks of rainMud … Continue reading The Bus

En-lightning and Thunder

Awake at 1:30 in the morning because of storms. Crept into another room to watch a Marco Polo (recorded video chat) from my Dad. Earlier, we had been discussing a particularly hard-to-open bottle of Pepsi he had been wrestling with. He was blaming old age, but laughing at himself. I responded before heading to bed, telling him about a case of water we had at … Continue reading En-lightning and Thunder

4 am

I write constantly. But sometimes, the words never make it from my head to the laptop keys. It’s been like that for the last few months. It is 4 am and I wake up from another dream. Not a nightmare exactly, but a continuation of a situation that is not in my control. I grab the cats and move to another room, trying to shake … Continue reading 4 am

Flour, Sugar, Love and Memories

So I took a break from stress today and decided to look for a long-forgotten memory. I pulled an old metal box hand-marked “Recipes” off the top shelf in my pantry, and began to work my way through them. As I pulled out recipe after recipe, I got lost in the notes… memories of family-meals-past, handwritten by my paternal grandparents “Missy” and“Sto”. I can still … Continue reading Flour, Sugar, Love and Memories