Questionable parenting at Stone Mountain

Skotchdopole and I took a road trip when she was 5 years old.  We were driving from Houston to Virginia Beach.  I was a 26 year old waitress at the time, and hoped to make the most of this trip.  Memories of childhood road trips swirled in my head, and I wanted to make this memorable for her as well. Atlanta marked the halfway point … Continue reading Questionable parenting at Stone Mountain

Ms. Aranda’s Whippersnappers

I began working in Property Management at age 29.  I remember thinking that I had a “responsible person” job, and felt like a grown-up for the first time. That feeling could have easily turned into “old-person”.  I’ve seen it happen.  The older I get, the more I see people my age making comments about young people.  Kids.  Millennials.  They might as well be referring to … Continue reading Ms. Aranda’s Whippersnappers