French Whore with 2 Barf Bags

I’m sitting at gate B-5 at LaGuardia Airport, waiting to fly home to Dallas.  I originally booked this as a 2-day trip to see Myles Kennedy in concert.  I added a day.  I added Doofenshmirtz.  Then added another day.  Then I changed the departure flight time from morning to evening of our final day so that we could have more time in the city.  This … Continue reading French Whore with 2 Barf Bags

Conversations on a land line

His voice was her vacation Each word a point of interest Her heart would perch on scenic vistas and fill with the views Her soul would rest in rustic mountain cabins and sit by the pools of long-forgotten motor hotels She collected rocks and flowers from every story His laughter would run its fingers through her hair His goodbyes would wrap themselves around her and … Continue reading Conversations on a land line