Lemonade, Scones and Heartbreak

One of my walkabouts in New York City began on a cool-ish morning, but the temperature heated up significantly by lunch.  I had dilly-dallied on my way up 5th Avenue.  I stopped to chat with a fruit vendor, and decided to buy a red apple because, well, the whole “Big Apple” thing.  But that was dumb, because I don’t particularly like red apples, so I … Continue reading Lemonade, Scones and Heartbreak

Sticky post


Since I began this blog, my goal was to post something every day, Monday – Friday. Except for one (very busy and grandchild-filled) Wednesday, I’ve accomplished that goal. I have found that I have quite a few “Accidentally Human” stories (they seem to never end, so I’ve decided to go ahead and order the bubble-wrap suit, helmet and bedazzled “Fall Risk” jewelry), and I have … Continue reading Bloglettes