In addition to wrinkles, age spots, poor eyesight, weird creaking/cracking noises from random bones and joints, the “old-person-groan” as I rise from a sitting position, the urge to talk about the “good old days” or refer to anyone under the age of 40 as a “whippersnapper”, my 50’s have ushered in an exciting new world of lactose intolerance. For anyone who doesn’t know me, cheese … Continue reading Macka-Macka

Seasonal Bliss

Highway 69 between Tyler and Lufkin in East Texas is pretty spectacular during the month of April. As I drive along this scenic route, I am reminded of the question that always pops up on those dumb surveys: “What is your favorite season?”. I typically answer “Fall”, the seasonal “middle child” whose weather toggles between warm leftover summer days and crisp nights flirting with winter.  … Continue reading Seasonal Bliss