A Little Whine With Dinner

Bright lights, fancy sets, enthusiastic audiences, and dramatic music… Famous chefs yelling at young wanna-be chefs, while friends and family watch… Clever editing, leading into commercials, meant to keep television audiences on the edge of their seats… Intense cooking scenes, punctuated by sentimental music and moments when “contestants” reveal tender background stories, or pull out pictures of relatives long-deceased, all designed to incite an emotional … Continue reading A Little Whine With Dinner

Moving Sidewalks

I follow a particular quarterback on Facebook (he’s kinda popular), and his recent post was cute, so I clicked “Like”. I happened to notice that when I did, his “Like” count jumped from 359 to 473.  Just like that! That was my morning equivalent of getting on the moving sidewalks at the airport and walking very VERY fast! Sometimes it’s the little things… Continue reading Moving Sidewalks